Scott has a clear vision of what he will do as the next sheriff of Jackson County

Policies and procedures are key for an agency to run efficiently, to hold employees accountable and to protect the people of Jackson County. Scott will update the outdated policies by which the Sheriff’s Office currently runs, and will ensure that every employee upholds them. Up-to-date policies will be implemented to foster accountability among the agency and trust within the community.


Drugs are a huge problem in Jackson County and are often linked to other crimes. Scott will foster proactive law enforcement officers to get drugs off the streets of our community. He will work to educate our community on the seriousness of drugs and reach our children at early ages to prevent these issues. He also believes in the seriousness of addiction and will partner with resources in the county to help those who need drug treatment.

Community Involvement

Trust between the community and the Sheriff’s Office is crucial. Scott will run a community-involved agency, mending the trust between the people and JCSO employees. The community will be able to count on JCSO to be trustworthy and have integrity, knowing they will do the upstanding thing. Scott plans to be involved in numerous community events, helping educate the people of Jackson County on safety and security while also fostering a bond between JCSO and the community.

Employee Morale

Along with policy changes, Scott will boost employee morale across the board at JCSO. Every employee will be held to a standard of upholding department policies and enthusiastically doing their job. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will have employees and officers who are excited about their job title, eager to deter crime in the county, and ready to lend a hand when necessary.


Jackson County has seen an increasing amount of vehicle fatalities over the past few years. With Interstate 10 and multiple major highways located in the county, it’s crucial to implement safe driving back into the county. Scott will educate the community on safe driving measures, and will work to ensure Driver’s Education, the Teen Driver Challenge, and other safe driving classes are taught to younger members of the community. Safe driving measures will be restored in the county to prevent any more tragedies.

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